Buying cars at European Auction Car Service: 40% cheaper

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A great way to get a quality vehicle while saving a lot of money is to buy cars from European auctions. Most often, “sources” can offer a much more complete selection of cars and allow buyers to find a practically new and reliable model that will 100% meet their expectations.

What is an auto auction of leasing companies and official dealers?

Auctions in Europe are online platforms where used cars are sold and bought from leasing companies or official dealers. Vehicle owners put up cars for closed auctions, describe in detail their characteristics and condition, attach photos. The principle of sales at online auctions is simple and uncomplicated: the buyer who offers the highest price for the lot put up for auction becomes the new owner of the car.

In this case, the European Auction Car Service purchases a car from an auction, immediately in the name of the client. The price for the company is fixed, the redemption is made according to the company’s quota.

How does buying a car from an auction work?

Buying a car at an auction is easy. Even a person who is not from the IT industry, who has never participated in auctions, can cope with the task. The general sequence of his actions will be as follows:

A car is selected on the site, a contract for the supply of a vehicle is concluded, you pay an advance in the amount of 30% + delivery and auction fee, then the company buys the car in your name and provides a report.

When the car is bought, all that remains is to deliver it to the port of Hamburg and send it to your country. Next, you pay the balance for the car and expect 14-16 days for delivery. In this case, all costs and customs clearance procedures are borne by the company.

Use the services of Euaucars if you want to buy a car from Europe at the best price without any hassle. European Auction Car Service specializes in the full delivery of cars in 28 countries and has exclusive access to European auctions.

Unique car catalog

Euaucars provides access not only to secondary market lots, but also to a unique catalog of offers – cars from legal entities, official dealers, leasing companies and corporate owners, cars that participated in exhibitions, promotions and demonstration test drives.

Due to the fact that they have mileage, the cost of such cars, according to market requirements, is reduced. The company’s specialists say that their cars can be 30-40% cheaper than similar used models.
Take a look at the catalog itself – it’s a line of premium cars with matching equipment, including unique models and supercars, from the latest BMWs and legendary Porsche models to exclusive crossovers from Lamborghini.

You can find detailed information about the current car catalog on social networks and read reviews of customers who have already become owners of European used cars on the website.
The catalog is constantly updated, and new positions appear in it. The catalog can be seen on the official website of the company and in the Telegram channel.

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