Russia Rolls Out ‘Fish Shuttle’ With Exports Bound for China, Asia-Pacific

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 / Go to the mediabankStand of JSC “Russian Export Center” (REC) at the international industrial exhibition “INNOPROM-2019” in Yekaterinburg / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Russian Export Center (part of VEB.RF) together with the Fesco Group will launch a service dubbed the ‘Fish Shuttle’ to deliver fish products in refrigerated containers from ports in the Far East to China, as well as from Murmansk and St. Petersburg to the Asia-Pacific Region, the center revealed. “Exporters who take advantage of the ‘Fish Shuttle’ will be able to reimburse up to 25% of the costs under the state support program for the transportation of agribusiness products. The logistics operator of the service is Dalreftrans, a subsidiary of Fesco, which transports temperature-sensitive cargo,” the report stated. The service was rolled out by REC and the Dalreftrans management at the TransRussia exhibition in Moscow on April 18. The ‘Fish Shuttle’ route from the Far East to China and Asia Pacific will make it possible to ship fish products for export directly from warehouses and without additional transshipment in Vladivostok ports, which will cut delivery time to foreign buyers and thereby better preserve their consumer properties. The shuttle route from Murmansk and St. Petersburg will help fish companies from northwest and central Russia iron out their logistics challenges when transporting products to markets in East and Southeast Asia.

"The launch of this service will help Russian fish exporters find a replacement for Western logistics companies that have quit the market, while the possibility of being compensated for as much as a quarter of the costs under the state support program is going to make it even more attractive for Russian companies," said REC Vice President Alexey Solodov.

RussiaREC: Export Support Infrastructure Conference Opens in VolgogradYesterday, 05:05 GMT”Our main goal is to give the market a reliable and clear-cut, one-stop-shop solution. The logistics product on offer is based on the regular services of the Fesco Transportation Group, which means that all operational, production and paperwork processes are tried and true. We have recently significantly increased and revamped our container fleet. Thus, there won’t be any rough edges at the launch, it’s more about scaling up and popularizing the service,” said Andrey Grechkin, Dalreftrans CEO.


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