Archaeologists Unearth Stone Tablet Maya Used as Sports Scoreboard

Ancient Mayan Stone Tablet (Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology video screenshot)InternationalIndiaAfricaThe Maya played “pelota” – a football-like game – for fun, allegedly, as a way to resolve social conflicts. The game was quite dangerous and the winners were sometimes sacrificed to gods, but this was the best alternative to full-scale conflict that Mayan society could […]

In Vino Veritas: New Archeological Find Shows Roman Elite’s Lavish Taste for Wine

Ancient Rome RuinsInternationalIndiaAfricaWhile scholars were searching for a chariot-racing track in the famous historic site near the Italian capital, they stumbled upon a winery, leaving everyone in awe over its luxuriousness even by Roman standards. Historians have discovered an ancient and extremely sophisticated winery, allegedly unparalleled in Roman history. The site of this amazing find […]

Russians & Africans United By Common Mentality, Says Scholar

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering N. Trofimov with a graduate student from Ghana. Peoples’ Friendship University of RussiaInternationalIndiaAfricaMuhammad Nooh OsmanWriter/EditorAfrican-Russian relations were established during a crucial period in history, when the peoples of Africa, who fought for independence, started throwing off the consequences of colonialism and began building their own statehood. Many of them […]