Finland Joins NATO: What Benefits Can the Alliance Expect?

In this file photo dated Aug. 29, 2014, NATO naval mine countermeasure vessels berth in Turku, Finland, during the international Northern Coasts 2014 (NOCO14) military exerciseInternationalIndiaAfricaWhile The Global Firepower Index ranks Finland’s military as the 51st-most powerful in the world, it is often viewed as having Western Europe’s strongest artillery, possessing more pieces than France […]

Denmark Lacking Replacement Soldiers for NATO Mission in Latvia

Danish SoldiersInternationalIndiaAfricaDenmark’s defense capabilities have been depleted by numerous missions abroad, as well as massive military assistance to Ukraine, which forced the government to admit that the nation’s war chest is scraped bare.In an uncomfortable admission from the nation’s own top brass, Denmark is apparently struggling to provide a replacement for its rotating mission in […]

Danes Up in Arms Over Removal of Christian Holiday to Raise Defense Spending

View of the main square and the church in downtown Aeroeskoebing, on the small Danish island of Aeroe August 30, 2012InternationalIndiaAfricaThe abolition plans have been widely slammed by the clergy, politicians, trade unions and ordinary Danes alike, who found the alleged connection between abandoning a historic holiday and increasing defense spending hard to swallow.The Danish […]

China’s Trump Card? Why Beijing Holds Russia’s Sukhoi Su-35 Fighters in High Regard

 / Go to the mediabankSu-35C jets of the “Russian Knights” aerobatic team perform a demonstration flight at the Army-2020 forum outside Moscow. / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaThe Sukhoi Su-35 has come under the spotlight after reports about Tehran’s willingness to acquire the Russia-made fighters. It’s not only Iran that has demonstrated lively interest in Russia’s aerial […]

Swedish Military Poised for Greatest Upgrade Since 1950s as NATO Bid Skids

A Swedish Navy fast-attack craft patrols in the the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden (file)InternationalIndiaAfricaAccording to Defense Minister Pal Jonson, the overhaul will be mainly focused on future technologies such as autonomous drones and space capabilities, as well as improved cyber defenses while Sweden’s future as a NATO member remains increasingly uncertain after a recent string of […]

Norway Preparing for Its Largest Military Drill of the Year

US Marines in NorwayInternationalIndiaAfricaThe biennal international exercise Joint Viking includes land, navy, and air forces, as well as allied contributions. This year’s edition is expected to host a total of 10,000 Norwegian and allied soldiers.Preparations are underway for the international drill Joint Viking, billed as this year’s highlight for Norway, as some 750 soldiers from […]

Thousands of Danes Clamor Against Removing Christian Holiday for War Spending

Protesters gather on Christiansborg Square in front of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen, Denmark, during a demonstration on February 5, 2023 against the abolishment of a public holiday in order to finance the country’s defense budget. InternationalIndiaAfricaDanish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen notoriously said that she saw no problem in working an extra day. However, tens […]

Norway Procures New Leopard Tanks From Germany in Closure to Hot Arms Debate

A Leopard 2 battle tanks of the German armed forces Bundeswehr drives during a visit by the German Chancellor to the German Bundeswehr’s troops during a training exercise at the military ground in Ostenholz, northern Germany, on October 17, 2022InternationalIndiaAfricaIn recent years, Norway has maintained a close military collaboration with Germany, including submarine cooperation. The […]

Japan’s Hypersonic Weapons Won’t Make Asia-Pacific More Secure, But the Contrary, Expert Warns

Artist’s conception of a hypersonic missile during its launch phase.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe Japanese Defense Ministry is reportedly seeking to obtain a long-range hypersonic weapon (LRHW) and Tomahawk cruise missiles from the US. Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov has explained to Sputnik why this could end badly for Tokyo.”Japan is working on hypersonic technologies together with the Americans, […]